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Alternativ Bus Reisen was founded 1980 in Hamburg, West Germany. Our travel programs have been a huge success in Europe and, in the summer of 1988, we started offering European-style vacations in the United States through Camp Coach, Inc., our American subsidiary. Alternativ Bus Reisen organizes alternative and very personal vacations for an international crowd of the young at heart. All our trips are a heady mix of fun, excitement, culture, and learning. And they bring you to magical places in well-known -- and not so well-known -- lands of the world.

Flexibility is our Middle Name

With a minimum of rules and a maximum of flexibility, we give you the opportunity to arrange your own individualized vacations, to take optional side trips to parks, mountains, beaches and monuments according to the dictates of your taste. We are proud of the fact that most of our tour escorts actually started out as ABeR vacationers. They had so much fun on these trips that they decided to join us. All of them have taken our special training seminars and know from their own experience what an individual can and should expect from the trip that he or she is on. This is why our trips are so different from the usual package tours available on the market. We are a real alternative to those same tours that everybody and their mother take.

First Prize for Best Travel Catalog

We know we're on the right track because the press can't write enough about Alternativ Bus Reisen. The German version of our travelog was even awarded the first prize as "Best Travel Catalog" in 1988 by a major European trade publication. This is a further encouragement to continue to provide the reader with information that is as entertaining as it is informative.

Best German Bus Driver Award to ABeR

We are also pleased to announce that one of our bus drivers won the first prize in a skill test at the 1988 Autobus Meeting International in Yugoslavia.

First Graffiti Bus with Comfortable Futon-type Sleeping Area

The coach bus is the most flexible kind of transportation available for our alternative tours. What else can get you to that shady, green oasis in the middle of that hot, dry desert without any hassle? We have put a lot of thought and care into the interior design of our buses. They are outfitted with relaxing, futon-type areas that allow us to travel in comfort and safety. In cooperation with the European Graffiti Union and a little help from the bus manufacturer, Kaessbohrer Setra, we have created a new look for buses -- inside and out!

New Developments

Our brand new cross-country tours of the United States have already become a tremendous success. This and our other successes have given us the incentive to constantly expand our travel program every year. For instance, we have added canoe and biking tours, trips to Australia, Tunisia, the North Cape in Scandinavia, and a cross-country tour through Europe. Together, we can travel all over the world in search of simple fun, wonderful adventure, and a vast variety of Alternativ cultural experiences. This travelog will give you a small taste of the different possibilities awaiting you with Alternativ Bus Reisen. Enjoy!

Your ABeR Team


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